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Hello, my name is Adelaide Miranda.

I am a citizen of the world, having been born in Angola, been raised in Portugal and practiced, to date, much of my work in the United Kingdom.
I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from ISEL in Portugal and I have more than 12 years of international experience as Process Engineer and Security, mostly in the petroleum industry and related industries, in the area of ​​Passive Risk Management and Management Fire and Explosion. I have worked on several projects for the offshore oil and gas extraction and processing platforms. I currently work as an external consultant at Admira Solutions Ltd (a company founded and managed by me) in partnership with several internationally recognized engineering companies.
My passion for real estate started with the investment in several properties for rehabilitation and lease and culminated in the current management of a real estate agency in Portugal, Luso Star Apartments Lda, of which I am a founder. The company focuses on supporting non-resident emigrants in Portugal, who intend to acquire properties on Portuguese soil for both investment and own usufruct. Apologist of theory "does first and only then advises to do" was able to combine my personal experience with my professional experience in order to guide customers in a practical process and with proven end results. Thus, in a very short time, the company gained prestige within the Portuguese emigrant community in England.
A woman of various crafts, I started my career as a writer and blogger in 2014, having already published several books in several literary styles in Portuguese and English. In addition to poetry and loose texts, and the series of interviews "The Soul Behind ..." that I publish in my blog, I have written articles for magazines and was the owner of a weekly rubric in the newspaper "O Setubalense".
A music lover, I am the manager of WilsonP's music career. A multifaceted musician who conquered the Portuguese public with the groups Makongo and Sp & Wilson.
Passionate about personal motivation, approach to the public and training, and first and foremost an eternal student, I founded the Schola Vitae Workshops in partnership with my partner, Engineer Vera Pereira, in order to offer a platform in which life experiences, both professional and personal, can be shared, in a free and relaxed format, with the target audience.

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